May 2017 -Welcome to MetalShop 33!

Latest Project Update:
“Potomac Harvest”
Bronze and stainless steel
Larger than life

Clay original (shown at Laran Bronze Works) is now on display in my Torpedo Factory studio. 

The finished bronze version (right) being installed at Alexandria’s new Indigo Hotel.

The finished bronze sculpture with stainless steel ropes attached.


My name is Christopher Erney, I have a sculpture studio at the Torpedo Factory called MetalShop33, located three miles south of Washington, DC on the waterfront in beautiful Alexandria, VA.

I create custom dimensional artwork in many materials including bronze, but I love working in stainless steel.  If you want colors other than the silver metal color, I have pieces that are mounted to painted wood panels as well as the ability to add a transparent layer of color directly on the stainless steel so that metal shine and optical surface effects still shows through.

(Photo below) There’s always pre-made artwork in the studio for sale, but you can also have something custom made for that featured or hard-to-fill space. Please call or email me to go over your project needs and ideas:

Call (703) 362-4416
And feel free to take a virtual studio tour!

Creatures you might have seen for sale in my studio are listed under my “Studio” button above, but here are a few as well:

I have new Sharks! made of stainless steel featuring a heat-treated iridescent “blu-ing” of the steel along their top fins.  The Shark! now comes in three sizes: 18 inches, 36 inches and 60 inches long.  They are made from heavy-weight stainless steel and are clear-coated so they are suitable for display indoors or outdoors.  They hang from one perfectly placed hole.

New for 2017 are some really great looking striped sea bass -also known as “Stripers” or “Rockfish” they are available in 28 inch and 36 inch long sizes.  They catch the light and their color changes from light to dark depending on your viewing angle. The photo below shows the pair together with an identical silver finish -you can see the dramatic light/dark change in the color of the stainless steel from different angles.





Eat Your Trophy Fish and Remember It Too!
Remember that custom creations, like this 40 inch AmberJack are always a possibility:

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