WELCOME To My Online Store!
If you stopped by my studio at the Torpedo Factory you might have seen some or all of the items on this page -like the blue crabs above, for $69.

Lasting Quality
If you haven’t seen my work in person, my artwork is made of 11 & 14 gauge stainless steel, much MUCH heavier and higher-quality than the tin-foil thick stuff metal artists typically use. This is often the first comment I hear from visitors (after exclaiming “how cool” it is!) Everything is coated with an invisible but super-tough 10 year clear-coat to ensure it keeps looking good indoors or out.

Buy it!
I will have “click to buy” set up soon, thank you for your patience. Until then, to order please call (703) 362-4416 or email to order.
Ship it!

I regularly ship items via FedEx ground and get a great rate that I pass on to you. Do you need a gift sent to someone? Yes, I can do that! I usually ship the same day so most packages arrive within 1-3 days (Eastern half of US) to 5 days (Western states) of your order.

Original Designs: © Christopher Erney 2004-2018
Yes, all the metalwork is designed, created, finished and copyrighted by me.  I don’t use clipart or other people’s artwork to create my steel creatures.

Mermaid (17 inches) $99 This is one of my most popular gift items!
(shown with shell below, also available with starfish.)


28 inches

Rolling Wave
Several sizes available from 5 feet to 14 feet

Lily Pads
39 inches High, 44 inches wide

Whimsical Waves
Several sizes available from 7 feet wide to 14 feet

Reef Shark!
28 inch, 36 inch, 60 inch

Mako Shark!
36 inch or 60 inch
I am working on this new guy now, this new shark design is coming soon!

Scuba Divers
18 inch

inches wide or 12 inches wide 

..or the HUGE Kracken-sized 30 inch wide!

Fiddler Crabs
These are new this year and are available either in a flat (wall-mount) or in a 3-D bent form that will stand up on a flat surface.

The current batch of barracudas are totally silver (see below) and have a hanger on the back.
small 28or 36″ long.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is barracudaSilver.jpg

Sea Turtles:
Baby (7.5 inches wide) Large (15 inches wide)

Torch darkened. These vary, each is unique, some have silver flippers and head, others are totally darkened.

Two eyes on one side?! What could be more fun to look at? This fish also looks a lot like a baby Halibut for you Pacific Northwest folks.
10 1/2 inches

(Torch darkened)  The bronze/rainbow color varies. 7 inches tall
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seahorseHead.jpg

Fish Families
Stainless Steel, fish family groups are welded together into one joined piece.

One 9inch fish plus a second smaller fish

One 9 inch fish plus two smaller fish

One 9 inch fish plus three smaller fish

Custom Schools of Fish are also available. I have made schools of fish up to 200 fish! They can balance at a single point or mount to a surface. Use for indoors or out. Makes an attractive security screen! Contact me about your custom school of fish!
stainless steel sculptures

I have a sitting 36 inch mermaid that I do not normally stock, but I can make to order. I also have a much smaller 17″ version of this same mermaid that I make a few times a year.

Dragon Fly
(These are measured by the length of the body)
I currently have a 12″ version or 18″ Version

Vertical Seagrass
Small (38 inches High) and Large (58 inches High) Shown in photo below are two of the large  58″ versions next to each other. Color can be added to the seagrass foran additional cost.

“Under the Waves”
40 inches wide (color additional cost) can be displayed in multiples as shown in photo below:
Metal Sculpture modern relief wall artwork Erney Alexandria Wave water fish nautical

“Whale Tail” Wall Hooks or “Rude Mood” Wall Hooks: SOLD OUT
Use to hang towels in the bath or by the pool, hang up your fishing rods, they can be curtain rod holders or curtain tie-backs or they are so strong you can hang up your gear in the garage.  Sorry if they offend anyone but “Rude Mood” hooks have suddenly become a top seller in the studio.  Everyone seems to know someone they are perfect for!

Brook Trout (Currently OUT of Stock)
16″ long mounted on stainless steel rod on a beautiful walnut mount.

Great Blue Heron
Approximately 48″ high depending on mounting options. (Life-sized)

Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom mounts.