June 2014 Update

'Allegory of Night" Carved Hydrocal, 30"H x 51" W x 11" D

‘Allegory of Night” Carved Hydrocal, 30″H x 51″ W x 11″ D

It’s June already! What’s new in Studio 33 this month? Right now, I finished up three wall-mounted sculptural panels for the Wounded Warrior Center at Walter Reed, located in Bethesda, Maryland.  It’s an honor to be selected for this project.  The three sculptures I am creating feature a stainless steel cut out panel with a painted birch panel behind them.  The over-all theme is nature and my pieces are called “Pebbles,” “Blowing Wind” and “Moon on the Water.”  The sculpture installation had been delayed but will be installed the last week of June.

“Narcissus’ Pool”
I made two large stainless steel mirrors based on my piece “Narcissus’ Pool.”  The mirror features a ring of thick stainless steel pieces reminiscent of flat stones around a pond, ground and polished.  The frame is attached to a substantial stainless steel cradle for the high-quality silver-back mirror inside.

Narcissus Pool

Coming Soon!
I also have some exciting new sculpture contracts in the works which I will reveal as they are signed and become public. Here are some hints for two of the four projects in the works: One is for a life-sized bronze sculpture of a soldier and another one is for a large portrait medallion to adorn a building across from the White House.  I can’t wait to tell you more details sometime soon. Until then I can tell you I was given a art micro-grant for a cool new ArtBike to promote the Torpedo Factory Art Center where I serve as artist President. The check was received, the bike was ordered along with the supplies to transform it….it will be built this summer.

Torpedo ArtBike 2014

Stainless Steel Waves! I finished a commission piece for a local home featuring crashing stainless steel waves 8 feet wide (below.)
Also see more metalwork under my “Projects” page.
webWave SteelWallWaveDetail

Recently Installed: Fort Ethan Allen: After five years of work, I recently attended the dedication of the Fort Ethan Allen visitors center in Arlington, VA.  I created a model of Fort Ethan Allen, one of the civil war era forts that guarded Washington DC.  The bronze fort model is mounted on a large, thick granite base, which evokes the heavy terrain around the fort.  This fort primarily guarded Chain Bridge, the access to Georgetown.  For those reading this who drive around DC, the road leading to the fort became known as present-day “Military Road,” which is still used today.  At the dedication I gave the bronze-painted foundry pattern to Homer Knudson who had been the driving force behind the project for nearly a decade. Click the photo below to see the detail.

There were many folks in period costume. The soldier tour-guide below is explaining the fort details as they related to current landscape surrounding the exhibit site


Commissions Accepted Do you have a project in mind?  The largest artwork I have created was 1,200 feet long and the smallest, a bronze award coin, was just over two inches.  So please don’t be intimidated, if you have something in mind,  no matter what the size or material,  stop by the studio and we’ll go over the options for your project. I create a wide range of artwork in a variety of materials and styles.  Do you have something in mind that you can’t find anywhere?  Then stop by studio 33, where ideas and concepts quickly become reality!

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