My studio –MetalShop 33 is located on the first floor (north) in the Torpedo Factory Art Center on the waterfront in Alexandria, VA.  My former partner, Pat Monk had the studio since 1974 and after a few years of sharing, I took over the sculpture studio alone in 2012.  There are 82 artist studios at the TFAC. It is one of the only (and largest) facilities in the world where you can meet an artist, actually see artwork being made, commission an artist and buy original works all in one place 361 days a year!

About me: In what now seems like a previous life, I worked as an industrial designer for companies such as DuPont, Xerox and Boeing.  Now, working as a sculptor, I use that knowledge to create a wide variety of dimensional artwork using many different materials. That’s my advantage, unlike most artists who specialize in one material or process, I pick the best material and process for the job.  This knowledge not only helps to better execute my vision, but also offers clients more options based on factors such as time, weight, cost, and aesthetic differences in materials.

"Night" Placing the Stars in the Heavens. Carved Hydrocal, 53" W by Christopher Erney

“Night” Placing the Stars in the Heavens. Carved Hydrocal, 53″ W by Christopher Erney

Types of Artwork
I have (almost) done it all! I have examples of carving stone, painting, creating clay figures and welding stainless steel among other things. I have done artwork for Mount Vernon, The George Washington National Memorial, The US Treasury, The U.S. Olympics and many other nationally known organizations along with many projects for private homes.  I completed painting the longest realistic mural in the united states, along with another artist in 2009, it was 10 feet tall and 1,200 feet long!  I have examples of my past work styled from classical to modern in the studio and in the links above.  If you have a project in mind -that special something you have always wanted, stop by Studio 33 and let’s begin working on it!  Bring in a sketch, photo, or idea of something you’re thinking about, (especially helpful is a photo of the display area or location) -or just stop by and we’ll do some concept sketches.

Steel ocean wave beach fish nautica wall-mountedl sculpture

“Rolling Wave” Stainless Steel, 20″ H x 8 Feet W by Christopher Erney

Contact or Visit
I am typically in the studio six days a week Monday -Saturday 12-6pm, but since I do visit clients, step out for supplies and deliver artwork, so it’s always best to call: (703) 362-4416 or email chriserney@yahoo.com to arrange your visit.

Parking Tip
In spite of what you might have heard there is plenty of two hour free and metered street parking nearby.  If you’re not sure where to park, below is a map to help plan your trip.  My tip to you: The garage directly across from the Torpedo Factory is the most expensive ($12)…only one block away the garage on North Union Street between Cameron and Queen is only $5 after 5pm and all day on the weekends (look for the lower left green “P” in the graphic below.)  Free or pay, it’s not usually much trouble to park nearby.  (I do it nearly every day!)


My 2014 Resume
If you are interested, below is a link to my resume. I have edited this down to be a one page resume -one that if I were reviewing it myself, I would want to read. (I don’t think anyone really cares what I did more than 10 years ago, but if you do, just ask!)  Most details pertaining to industrial design have also been removed, other than my education listing.  All listings are partial and only include the highlights focused on recent events, i.e., a new 2014 commission knocks an old 2003 commission off the bottom of the list.)ErneyResume2014-1pg