Welcome to MetalShop33 & SteelSeaArt.com

My name is Christopher Erney, I have a sculpture studio at the Torpedo Factory called MetalShop33, located three miles south of Washington, DC on the waterfront in beautiful Alexandria, VA.webWaveThere’s always pre-made artwork in the studio available for sale, but you can also have something custom made for your home or office. I often get asked to create a custom piece to address that hard-to-fill space that just has you stumped. Please call or email me to arrange a day/time when we might meet or talk to go over your project needs:

Email ChrisErney@yahoo.com
Call (703) 362-4416
And feel free to take a virtual studio tour!

Examples of Custom Projects Below: Stainless Steel Mobile, Spa Foot Rest and Sea Turtle sculpture

One of the reasons I love Stainless Steel is it looks great in any light!  I turned off nearly all of my studio lights and the sculptures still look great, since they reflect whatever light is around…and check out the great shadows the waves make on the wall!

Just because I love stainless steel -that doesn’t mean the only color I use for my designs is silver metal. I can glaze a color over the metal in thin, transparent layers so the metal’s shine still comes through -even when applied in many layers to get a rich deep color, like in the blue-green and black pattern on the mackerels below.  Another option for adding color: I can mount the stainless steel on top of a custom painted background for you.  This really makes the steel “pop!”

Click here for all the creatures you might have seen in my Torpedo Factory Studio.


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