2017 -Welcome to MetalShop 33!


(Above) Stainless steel “Heron” sculpture installed to help protect Koi in a garden pond.

My name is Christopher Erney, I have a sculpture studio at the Torpedo Factory called MetalShop33, located three miles south of Washington, DC on the waterfront in beautiful Alexandria, VA.


(Photo below) There’s always pre-made artwork in the studio for sale, but you can also have something custom made for that featured or hard-to-fill space. Please call or email me to go over your project needs and ideas:

Email ChrisErney@yahoo.com
Call (703) 362-4416
And feel free to take a virtual studio tour!

A few of my newest creations:

Click here for all the creatures you might have seen in my Torpedo Factory Studio.

My 36 inch Rockfish and my 60 inch Shark! will be in the upcoming show WET! at the Strathmore Mansion from Sept1 – Nov 5th.





Eat Your Trophy Fish and Remember It Too!
Remember that custom creations, like this 40 inch AmberJack are always a possibility:


36 inch Largemouth Bass out of stainless steel with colored wax finish for a recent client:

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