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The artwork of Christopher Erney: the Torpedo Factory’s MetalShop 33!
This post outlines some of the recent sculpture projects I completed in Studio33 during the past month. Check out the categories in the top bar to see previous work organized by project or type of artwork. I create artwork in a variety of media and produce custom pieces for clients. Send me an email about your project idea or to arrange a visit to my studio in Alexandria.

Holy Cross Hospital
This month I installed three stainless steel sculptures in Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD. The three pieces were each 12-14 feet wide and 5-7 feet tall. Below is a photo from the installation day before the lighting was installed and the hand railings unwrapped:


The steel portions were mounted to 1 1/2 inch thick birch wood panels that I painted.  The theme for all three pieces was “water” as it relates to the trinity of sea, land and sky.  They were very well received. You can see how the blue panels were used below:


It’s hard to show the most interesting feature which is how the steel pieces change color as you walk by them. Since these are located in a 85 foot connector bridge with many windows (including colored glass windows) they are sure to look different each time someone walks by them. You can get a hint of the color change in the wave piece above were the left side is reflecting some of the natural wood ceiling and the right side shows hints of blue.

Another sculpture from the series, “Stream” is shown below.  The rocks are copper colored stainless steel and the steel leaves have been brushed with a gold-green glaze:


The reception for the new artwork was absolutely packed! Throughout the project everyone was so great to work with. Special thanks to Artists Circle Fine Art for ensuring everything went smoothly throughout the project and especially to Katie for sending photos of this exciting opening.


Garden Fountain
The next project update I wanted to pass on is the stainless steel fountain for a garden on Capital Hill in Washington, DC -It turned out extremely well!  My goal was not only to have a fountain for the warm months, but to have it function an attractive and interesting sculpture itself throughout the winter. The faceted surface reflects the sun as it passes overhead continually changing it’s look.

(This photo is during my install where the pool was not yet filled with water so I simulated the water height with Photoshop.)  The simple wedge shape was described by my clients as they wanted to sculpture/fountain to be squeezing through the two bushes they have growing in their planter.


Three Angels
I have also recently been developing ideas for a church in Georgia. Sometimes its easier and quicker for me to grab some clay and create a sketch of an idea that way, rather than draw it with a pencil.  This one especially has -or had three overlapping figures, so being able to actively pose them and move them around was helpful.  Below is one of these quick clay sketches showing the three angels the church wants. Recently, they have been discussing breaking up the group into three separate sculptures.  The final size ranges from life-size to 2/3 life size. We’ll have to wait to see how this project evolves over the next few months.


If you’ve been at my Torpedo Factory studio, you’ve seen some fish on the wall and you probably know I create custom pieces for clients. Here is a school of nearly 100 fish I just shipped to Boynton Beach Florida today.  They are all cut from 1/8″ stainless and clear-coated.

a large school of stainless steel fish for outdoor display

a large school of stainless steel fish for outdoor display


Worlds fastest TorpedoBike!

Worlds fastest TorpedoBike

TorpedoBike TShirts
Yes, I still have a few TorpedoBike T-shirts left: Med-LG-XLG only. $25 in studio, $30 Shipped to you. PayPal and CC accepted. 

TorpedoBike shirts only $25 at MetalShop33!

TorpedoBike shirts only $25 at MetalShop33!

I’m adding a bunch of new work to the studio right now, but the next “larger sized” project I will likely be starting will be the “Dancer” (see June post) for Fairfax City, VA.  As I write those words “June Post” (sigh) I remember back in June I was told that “The Dancer” would be installed by October….here it is the second half of November and I’m still waiting for paperwork.  This is how these type of projects often go! For those who didn’t see my previous post, “The Dancer” is a life-sized stainless steel wrapped sculpture similar to the “Acrobat” I made for the Hilton.

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