June-July 2016

LilyPadsReeds Welcome To MetalShop33 Online! My name is Christopher Erney, I have a sculpture studio at the Torpedo Factory which is located three miles south of Washington, DC on the waterfront in Alexandria, VA. I create sculptural artwork in many materials, but primarily in stainless steel. ErneyWallFishFamily There's always pre-made artwork for sale, but you can also have something custom made. Please call or email me to go over your project idea: Email ChrisErney@yahoo.com Call (703) 362-4416 And feel free to take a virtual studio tour! Summer Time is Crab Season! Blue crabs and Horseshoe crabs have taken over the MetalShop this spring! Luckily, a few mermaids also stopped by to distract the crabs long enough for me to put sale tags on those pesky critters. So, for the rest of the summer Blue Crabs made from heavy-weight stainless steel or Horse Shoe Crabs made from aged copper are  marked down to $69/ea.  These make a great gift for those visiting friends at the beach this summer. BlueCrab2 HorseshoeCrab1horseShoeCrab2 The beautiful stainless steel mermaids come in two sizes, the small size (12" High)  sells for $119 the large size (24" High) sells for $299.  The mermaids feature heat-treated hair and fish tail parts. These can sit inside on a table or shelf or decorate a garden wall or patio. Mermaid1 I also have two sizes of Sharks! -both are made of stainless steel and feature heat-treated iridescent "blu-ing" of the steel along their top fins.  The small size Shark! is 18 inches long and just like it's big brother has a pre-drilled hole in the top fin so it can hang if desired for $69. The Large Shark! is 36 inches long and made from heavy 1/8" thick stainless steel and sells for $199. The prices mentioned are my studio prices, shipping for these items ranges from $8-$28 in the cont U.S. using FedEx ground. When my Shopping cart is completed these will be automatically added in, sorry for the inconvenience. Shark webWave Project Update: My recently installed stainless steel dancer was featured on the cover of the FairFax "Cityscene" newsletter: FairfaxDancerErneySpiritOfDanceErney "The Spirit of Dance" Client: The City of Fairfax, Virginia Stainless Steel 8ft H Copyright 2016 Christopher Erney
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